Wide range of educational and social services projects that help empower poor communities and raise their living conditions. 500 crore project for Medical collage , Engineering collage , international school and other arts,science , technical education institution.


Aims at providing an exciting all round education as the first in a personally fulfilling and socially useful life. It provides a balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow

The school started from the academic year of 2003., affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE – No 930810), English-medium school that teaches  Grades from KG-10 with Qualified, experienced and trained teachers.

Hiflul Qur-aan School

HifzulQuranSchool(HolyQuranMemorizationSchool) functioning  sole purpose of promoting the memorization of the Holy Quran among male children. Hifl sponsorship program cover the cost of a needy child ,who would otherwise be forced to work , to memories   the complete Qur aan and then go on to  teach it to others.

We offer education plus other amenities of life free of charge for Muslim students. They are given food, shelter, cloth and education besides religious and moral instructions.

Admitting students from all cultural and social, financial family   backgrounds.

Orphanage & Destitute Home

Caring for orphans and destitute children is one of the Al Ihsan’s most important goals.  Al ihsan  is offering several supportive programs which aim for providing basic needs to the orphans such as shelter, food, and clothing as well as social, educational, and cultural assistance.

Providing free education from preschool to master degree to poor child and creating Career opportunity in education, engineering, medical, law journalism and other branches according to student’s willingness.

Al-Ihsan Orphanage and poor home for the destitute is rendering valuable service to the humanity. It is a safe haven for the orphans and destitute.


Students of Al-Ihsan campus, their teachers and the people around the locality perform day-to-day prayers and religious teachings are also conducted at Al Ihsan Masjid in Al Ihsan Campus.

Saree ath campus

Providing balanced education with due emphasis on English medium and Religious education like thafseerul Quran, Hadith, Al Fiq’hul Islami, Science , History, Mathematics etc. The students are also trained on speech and creative writing in languages like English, Arabic  and Malayalam