School vans / buses are available on specified routes and monthly payments vary according to the distance from the school.


A fleet of brand new buses daily commuting to Thiruvalla, Mannar, Niranam, Korittikkad, Poovakkara, Erumathoor, Mavelikkara.


  1. Transport facilities are provided for the convenience of the students. However, it is not an obligatory service of the school.
  2.  Those who wish to avail of the service shall have to apply in the prescribed form and pay the transport charges at the prescribed rates.
  3.  Transport will be available only on the routes and at the stops fixed by the school at the beginning of every aca­demic year but any change, if unavoidable, is at the dis­cretion of the school.
  4.  A student must travel only by the bus allotted to him/ her. Change of bus shall not be entertained except on genuine reasons for which written permission from the school au­thorities should be obtained.
  5. Students travelling by the school bus should carry the bus pass every day & it should be shown on demand to the authorities.
  6.  Students without school uniform will not be allowed in the school bus. If a student traveling by the school bus in­dulges in any misbehavior or acts of indiscipline, he/she will be libale. For punishment and not be allowed to make use of the school transport any more.
  7. The school will not own any responsibility or liability what so ever for delay. Mechanical disorder, break down, acci­dents etc. during the journey to and from the school. If the situation gets out of our control, the parents will kindly put up with their convenience.
  8. Application for withdrawal of transport facility should be made one month in advance failing which the transport charges will have to be paid.
  9. Children proceeding on leave will also have to pay trans­port fee along with the tution fee for the period of leave.