It is an important need of the present day, parents to bring up their children in a happy & secure situation. Play schools fulfill this need even when the child is nearly 2 to 3 years old. Our play school is well equipped. We have specially skilled teachers in looking after little ones and hundreds of toys, dolls & other play things.

B.   K.G.SECTION (L.K.G. U.K.G.)

At the early child hood care & education stage (ECCE), we propose to choose the latest policy of NCERT 2002 and informalise the process completely.

  1. Learning is characterized by group activities, play way techniques, language games activities of environmental awareness & social adaptability
  2. Learning to get pleasure, perception and participation by their development skills of identification, comparison, matching naming, drawing, counting & organizing activi­ties.
  3. Computer based teaching learning situation, audio and video based demonstration.
  4.  Observing, identifying models of common birds, animals, plants, means of transportation, celestial bodies and health related organs.
  5. Introducing the name of national leaders heroes / ancient, modem scientists, historians and places of importance.
  6. Recitation, singing & playing.
  7. Introducing the communicative skill in the four languages, English, Hindi, Arabic & Malayalam with the help of teaching aids.
  8. To evolve a child – friendly method.


L.K.G. : The child seeking admission to L.K.G. should com­plete 3 years before academic term begin in June.

U.K.G.: The students who are not under 4 years of age on 1 st June of the year of admission.


  1. Send your child on time to the school.
  2. Send your child with proper uniform.
  3. Send one pair colour dress with your child to keep in the school. If your child’s dress become wet or unclean, then we can wear these extra dress to your children
  4. Write name on your child’s bag, water bottle, box, Tiffin box, text book & note book.
  5. Send one handkerchief and a towel with your children.
  6. Don’t send your child to the school if he or she is suffer­ing from any diseases like fever, stomach ache etc.
  7. If your child is suffering from any diseases like allergy, fits, breathing problem etc. kindly inform to principal.
  8. S. If you have any complaints or doubts, kindly note it on the diary.
  9. Parents are not allowed to see the teachers or students during Class time.
  10. If you have any emergency during class time kindly in­form at the office.
  11. Don’t send over food to children.
  12. Send your child on time to the boarding point for bus. The bus cannot wait for a child for more than two min­utes.